PopBot – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I record songs from more than one radio station?
A: Yes. Press the litte record-to-you arrow to the right of the station. This places the station in your list which is always updated with new songs.


Q: Can I add a radio station which is not in your list?

A: Yes. Use your normal web browser in your phone and click on the play URL for that radio station. When the web browser suggests what app to use when you open the audio stream, then select PopBot.

Click the picture belowfor a description.

Here is a video that quickly shows how to add your own station.


Q: Does PopBot consume 3G data traffic?

A: PopBot is only running when you are connected to wifi to avoid spending too much 3G data (this can be costly for some users). You can change this in the settings if you prefer to.

Here is a video showing this setting.


Q: Will PopCatcher make my phone run out of batteries?

A: PopBot is running only when you connect your phone to the charger. This way PopBot normally starts up when you go to bed (and charge your phone) so that you wake up with a fresh playlist every morning. You can change this in the settings.

Here is a video showing how to change setting.


Q: I can’t record any songs. Why?

A: There seems to be two normal solutions when PopBot does not record songs:

  • Your phone is out of memory. PopBot stops saving songs a bit before you run out of memory so that the app doesn’t “crash” your phone. Try deleting a playlist or some songs in a playlist by longpressing on it.
  • The settings need to be changed (press Menu to find settings). Normally PopCatcher only saves songs when both wifi is connected AND the battery charger is connected. Maybe you charge your phone at home buth have wifi at work? Then you must change in the app settings so that you either save songs over 3G data and/or so that the app can run on battery.

If the above does not work, either test any station with a golden medal (since that means other users get those stations to work) or just  e-mail us at if you have problem with saving songs.

Here is a small Youtube video on how to change the memory settings in your PopBot app.


Q: What is PopBot Premium?

A: We didn’t want to restrict the existing PopBot when we started the premium version so we added more beuty and joy to the Premium version instead.

Premium has Album cover art for the songs (if available), and amazingly we have also succeded in showing  album art in live radio. We also remove ads in the premium version and we make it possible to save unlimited amount of songs. And we will keep throwing in more features for our trusted friends. Enjoy, it’s looking good!


Q: Can I try PopBot Premium?

A: Yes, you can try PopBot Premium without paying a nickel. Just click the key lock in the lower left corner and then click Like on facebook or invite some facebook friends. Each time you spread the word about PopBot to friends on facebook we give you more free days. You can actually have Premium forever by just keeping to tell people about PopBot!
Q: How many premium days can I get for free?
A: You can get maximum 30 days premium for free in a row. However, after some days has passed you can again for example invite new facebook friends and again get up to 30 days premium running.


Q: I have paid for Premium but I don’t get Premium?
A: Sometimes Google’s servers seem to not signal to the app when a purchase is done. If this is the case, please uninstall the app and install it again. Then, inside the app, press buy Premium again. You can never buy the same thing twice inside Google Play, so you will get a message saying “Can’t purchase, you already own this app” and when you get back to PopBot you will have Premium within 5 seconds.



Q: I have an HDMI Android smart TV like the Tizzbird N1, but PopCatcher won’t record. Why?

A: Many smart TV devices have no battery inside. Therefore they don’t report to PopBot that the battery is charging. If you install PopBot on a smart TV device, make sure that you checkmark ‘Run on battery’ in PopBot’s settings.

How to make sure a smart TV device works with PopBotOnce you have done this you will find out that PopBot is fantastic for Android smart TV since you normally always have your TV connected to your speaker system.

Tip: Make sure you select a few stations with different types of music so that you always have updated playlist for your dinner, your party, and soft background blues.



Q: How and when are songs deleted from my playlists?

A: PopBot has an automatical song deletion function that makes sure that you don’t run out of memory in the phone but still can get new songs from the stations you have selected. In the Settings meny there is a Memory setting where you can set the maximal number of saves songs in your phone. Set this very high if you want lots of songs. When this number is reached, PopCatcher will start to replace songs instead of saving new songs. Every time a new song is saved another songs will be deleted.

Whatever you have selected in the Settings, if your phone for any reason has less than 250 MB available in your memory
PopBot will also replace old songs (to make sure your phone is never out of memory).

However, if you like a song just mark it with the heart, songs marked with a heart will never be deleted.

(Info for neirds: The decision to delete a song is based on a few parameters – if it was recently played, if it is saved with “Rough Cut” or is nicely saved, and the date/time when the song was saved.)


Q: Is PopBot available for iPhone or iPad?
A: No, we don’t like the suppressed world. PopBot is for the free Android world.
Q: When does PopBot publish messages on Facebook?
A: The app has a few buttons that can to publish a message on Facebook. We would NEVER publish anything when you not click a Facebook button, only YOU decide when to write on your Facebook wall. We do not spam!

Q: After a while I get less songs, why?
A: Some radio stations only rotate a few songs in their playlists. If you have recorded all these songs you need to wait for the station to play other songs. PopBot doesn’t record duplicates of the same song.
Q: Why are there medals and question marks  for the radio stations?

A: The medals are actually used to show what stations are most popular among the users. This is based on all users, globally!
The question mark means that a station has not yet been fully tested by users. The links for these stations are less reliable.

Quality indicator based on the users.

Here is a video of some guys we don’t know anything about who recieves medals… ;-)


Q: What songs are playable in PopBot?

A: The music files in the //Music/PopCatcherMusic folder in your phone.


Q: What does Rough cut mean (or “Grovt klippt”)?

A: PopBot saves songs using a few different technologies. The songs showing the key words “Rough cut” can be saved with talk in the beginning or end of the songs. FYI, these songs will be replaced by songs with higher quality if you let PopBot run on this station for a few days (when the same song is played again).

Q: Is PopBot really legal?

A: Yes, PopBot is legal. It is legal to record for private use from radio and TV. It is legally called timeshifting and it was again confirmed legal with the supreme court ruling of Cartoon Network v CSC and Cablevision (07-1480-cv).


Q: How many radio stations do you list?

A: Currently we have about 10 000 stations in our database. However, this number is always increasing, try pressing the Update Stations button to see the latest figure. Or maybe add a station by yourself…? You can see how in the top of this page.


Q: Do we need your helpwith lanugagues? Yes.

A: PopCatcher supports English, Swedish, and French. We would like to support more languages! If you would like to have your language inside the PopBot app’s menus and other places. Please mail us All languages are more than welcome!

The example below is in Japanese, but we would like somebody to proof read this Google translate version before we let it out in the real PopBot world.






Q: Do we love our users? Yes.

A: We who make PopBot seriously loves when our app is used! The more the merrier. And we would like the world to be even more merrier. If you have read all the above questions in the FAQ you really deserve a great THANK YOU from our side! We hope you enjoy what is created! And, help spreading the word: There is a new bot in town!


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