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Best Affordable Laptops for Gaming

gaming laptopBeing a gamer has largely become synonymous with spending a lot of money. Luckily, for the last couple of years, the concept of cheap gaming laptops has become popular. As for now, you can find numerous gaming laptops around your price range. While you are looking for a reliable laptop, it’s all about the features. To someone who is playing graphically intensive titles, the most essential consideration will be the graphics.

Low-end laptops have some kind of integrated graphics, but a gamer will need standalone GPU to play any modern game irrespective of quality. A great processor will provide a huge boost in video performance. Almost every dependable laptop uses GPUs from NVidia, which is the best in the market. Some of the most popular in this category include:

  • 1050 models
  • 1060 models
  • 1050Ti

The above variants will provide a significant performance than the previous models. Ram is often more important. In that case, 8GB is acceptable. Whatever your budget will be, you are sure to find something reliable at the right price while still in a position to deliver an awesome gaming experience. Checkout for the more affordable options. Playing on the following laptops will make a great gaming experience.

1. Asuf TUF Gaming FX504GE

Since the company came to operation, it has been aiming at providing durable and affordable machines. Though this laptop is an upscale configuration, it is cheaper considering its specs and performance. Nowadays many laptop companies are designing their products from aluminium, but Asus is made from plastic. This gives it lightweight, but worry not it feels awfully flimsy. Unlike some laptops, it has a cooling system that is solely designed to filter out dust. This increases the lifespan of the machine.

While its packs are pretty fast, some of its specs are underwhelming. Honestly, its performance it’s far from awful.

2. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576-392H

It has been highly recommended for some time now. At an even lower price, it has proved its worth to appear on the list. While its graphics are similar to Intel, it possesses dual-core processor that run a decent RAM. Though modern games will not perform on it to your expectations, it will allow you to play popular games like DOTA 2. Additionally, it boasts of two built-in speakers which produce a room-filling sound.

Interestingly, the latest models have been released with a hard drive that offers large storage space that will arguably hold most of the games and leave some room to spare.

3. HP Notebook 15-bs091

If you ever dreamt of a multimedia laptop which you would use on work and in a game, go for no more. Though some versions have a low resolution, worry not since they will deliver a decently sharp picture quality. While the viewing angle will suffer, it come with touch screen feature that will cover up. Fortunately, it is lightweight. Therefore you can carry it everywhere. Unfortunately, the same praises can’t be said when it comes to the touchpad, many who have used it claim that a mouse is not inevitable.

4. Dell Inspiron 155567

Arguably, it is the cheapest reliable laptop you can find in the market. Its memory is far much higher than its predecessor. The AMD Radeon graphics should be good to run modern games that do not demand high-end graphics cards. Therefore, if you are an avid player of the league of legends, this laptop is just perfect. The low weight of about 5.13Ib gives you the full freedom to take the gaming experience everywhere. Moreover, be guaranteed that you will play games for more than two hours. The battery is much reliable.