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Bodybuilding Do’s and Don’ts

Once you have decided to build muscle, increase strength, or lose fat to improve your body composition, you need to begin weight training. To ensure that you get the best results in a quick time frame, you need to ensure that your workout is designed for you. It should consider your current body stature, your experience, and your goal.

The problem with bodybuilding is there are so many different routines that can be employed. Weight training can be tedious, and with all the conflicting information about it finding a routine that will suffice can be hard. Always identify your why when choosing to start an exercise regimen. This will help you stick to the program.

Six Factors to Consider When Designing a Workout Routine

To put together a routine that is going to suffice, there are six factors to consider. The six things that need to be considered are:

  1. frequency
  2. schedule
  3. intensity
  4. volume
  5. exercises
  6. progression.

The only way to gain muscle and lose fat is to follow each factor carefully.

When discussing frequency, this means how many workouts you plan on doing per week. It also takes into account how each muscle group is going be trained during the same period. Isolating certain muscle groups on certain days will give the muscles time to rest, before they are retrained.

A weightlifting routine should be performed three to four times per week. The workouts should rotate. Pull muscles can be trained for two days a week, push muscles for two days per week, and two days can be dedicated to cardio. Beginner and advanced exercise schedules will vary.

Setting a Weekly Split Schedule

After determining the amount of days that are going to be dedicated to working out, a weekly split schedule needs to be selected. Performing exercises on a split schedule will produce the best results. For three day schedules, take a break after each day a routine is performed. For example, on Monday a full-body routine will be done, then on Tuesday rest, and on Wednesday perform another full body routine.

The four-day split schedule differs from the three-day routine. When performing a four-day split, focus on specific areas of the body. On Monday do upper body exercises, on Tuesday do lower body, and on Wednesday rest. Repeat the cycle, ensuring that four days are dedicated to completing a routine, and three days are taken for rest. Do not take more than two days off consecutively.

The Best Weight-Bearing Exercises

There are six workouts that are effective for building muscle. These workouts are a basic bench press, rows, overhead press, pull ups, squats, and deadlifts. Performing each workout with perfect form is the only way to gain the physique that you desire.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Basic Bench Press

bench pressThe only way to build upper body thickness is by bench pressing weights. Every infamous bodybuilding champion will agree that this basic move is vital to gaining mass. There are a few things to be aware of when performing this move.

Make sure that your body is laying down on the bench, with feet hip width apart on both sides of the bench. Do not pull your neck up. Remove the bar from its locked position on top of your head. Bring the bar to chest level and press up. Once arms are fully extended, lower the bar down to the chest and repeat. Perform five to ten sets and then take a break.

How to Perform an Overhead Press

overhead pressThe Overhead Press routine is a full-body workout. The arms and shoulders will press the weight overhead, while your legs, lower back, and core will provide stability. This is a prime workout to build the shoulders and biceps.

Properly performing an overhead press starts with standing with feet hip width apart. Place the bar onto the shoulders. Lift the bar up overhead, until elbows are in a locked position. Do not bend the knees, keep the legs locked and straight. Lower the bar down to the shoulder area again, and repeat the exercise.

Performing a Proper Pull Up

pull upPull-ups are a compound exercise that works the back, arms, and core. The arms are used to pull the body up, and abdominals should be engaged to prevent the lower back from bending into an arch position. Pull-ups are also known as chin-ups.

Starting the workout, place hands onto the bar and allow the body to hang loose. Keep the body loose during the entire routine. Grip the bar with both hands, shoulder-width apart. Pull yourself up until your chin passes over the top of the bar. Lower down until arms are straight and repeat.

The Importance of Squats

squatBody weight and weighted squats work every muscle group. Performing this exercise regularly will strengthen the body. Squats do not just work the lower body, but they also work the upper body, when done correctly.

It is also a good idea to use pull up bar squat rack – a fitness equipment to help perform variety of exercises, including squats and pull ups effectively.

To begin squatting, stand with feet wider than hip width. The toes should be pointed outward, five to twenty degrees. Keep head in a neutral position, straight ahead. To keep your head from moving, pick a spot on the wall and do not allow your eyes to move from it.

Squats are a simple thing to work into your routine. However, they are commonly performed incorrectly. Do not perform a deep squat, until you have mastered squatting properly in a half squat. As the body adapts to doing the exercise, you can always progress it to challenge yourself.

Proper Deadlift Form

deadliftWhen beginning a deadlift, start with the weight on the ground. Grab onto the bar, with hands shoulder width apart. Pull the bar up with hips and knees in a locked position, keep arms straight. Count five seconds while in this isometric position, the lower the weight back down to the ground. Do as many reps as you can handle, with proper form.

Make sure while doing the deadlift that the back remains neutral. Do not round the back. Rounding the lower back will squeeze the spinal discs, which could lead to adverse health conditions.

Bodybuilding is an art form. It takes a strong person to consistently train their bodies daily to obtain the physique that they desire. Remember, to be strong for everyone else, first you must be strong for yourself.